Finding What Unites a Divided America




With 326 million people living in this country from farms, cities, coasts and mountains all over the world, the United States is bursting at the seams with potential.

Every single person’s individual capabilities contribute to the infinite amount of fresh ideas and innovations just bubbling underneath the surface of American soil.

This potential will lead to the cure for cancer. It will put food on a plate for each child and paychecks in every bank account. It will change the face of education and bring incomprehensible quality to our economy.

It will make conversations more powerful than riots. It will break the cradle to prison pipeline. It will turn mass shootings into a story our grandchildren don’t believe us about.

This potential is powerful enough to show the same dollar offer to every gender. The same housing opportunities to every race. It knows no party line and is unbound by city lines or rural property.

All we have to do to unlock it?

Start a conversation.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when creating them.
— Albert Einstein



Skylor powell, founder & impact producer

The way I see it, I’ve got 65 years left to collaborate with 326 million Americans to better understand why we’re divided. From here we will collectively pave a new path full of potential that acknowledges diversity as our greatest strength; an awakening grounded in that which thread us together.

Lyndsey Parsons-3.jpg

lyndsey gray parsons, chief of research

It's our great commission as humans to be active participants in our ever changing world. We can show up in many different ways, but showing up is key. I want to show up through conversations with people from all walks of life; to learn, listen, and take action on injustice.


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