Meet David from Lone Pine, CA.


“Sex, Drugs, and Easy Listening.”


This is part of the series: These Are Americans. In under two minutes, catch a glimpse of the beautiful, weird, and intricate culture we live in.

June 30th. My first day of interviews, third day out on the open road. For months, people had been asking what my plan was for finding people to interview for this project. In jest, some friends and family questioned my sanity: “do you really think you’ll just meet people walking down the street?”

My mouth said of course not, I had plans.

My mind said, absolutely, when have I ever had a plan?

Low and behold, there I was. Sitting on a bench in Lone Pine, CA. A man walked up with a soft smile and asked if he could share the bench. It took less than 5 minutes for the interview to begin.