Meet Winston from Selma, AL.


“The north won the civil war. The south won the peace.”



This is part of the series: These Are Americans. In under one minute, catch a glimpse of the beautiful, weird, and intricate culture we live in.

The first 12 hours in Selma were a struggle. We were staying at an RV camp with no shade in the dead of August. We had no interviews scheduled. My wallet had just been stolen. After calling two banks and the DMV, I called the numbers that Chris’s Aunt had recommended for interviews. Winston said he’d be able to meet me after he had breakfast with a friend at 7:30am; a fellow pastor he’d been doing meeting with in the morning once a week for the last 15 years.

After what felt like about 10 minutes into our interview, he showed me a picture on his phone. I glanced at the time on it. Apparently when you’re talking with a man who bathes his words in wisdom and grace before they leave his mouth, 2 hours goes by quickly.