Meet Joe, from Chagrin Falls, OH.


“Communities all over the country have these sleeping organizers that need to just be woken up.”


This is part of the series: These Are Americans. In under one minute, catch a glimpse of the beautiful, weird, and intricate culture we live in.

I met Joe 21 years ago. Movies and TV shows always make it look like tying someone’s shoelaces to the desk is something bullies do. Maybe to some people it is. Personally, when I tripped trying to get up from my desk, I couldn’t stop laughing. That was the day Joe and I became best friends.

After probably a 16 year hiatus, I reached out to Joe drunk on hope that he would have time to talk. Between remodeling his home, being a badass family man and, oh ya, being the National Coordinator of Young Advocate Leadership Training as well as the Director of the Ohio Youth Leadership and Organizing at the Children’s Defense Fund….

he somehow made time for The Thread, US.