Finding What Unites a Divided America

Beneath the tension that divides us
is a thread that unites US.



Politics. Race. Gender. Ethnicity. Class. Power. Location. Dreams. Aspirations.
These are the differences that define each individual American, but they do not have to divide our culture.

We’re here to find the threads that unite us so we can build a new way of living in the USA, defined by collaboration, innovation, and celebration.





We want to learn about our culture beyond what the news channels tell us, so we’re traveling from coast to coast and documenting every part along the way to share what we learn.


We're cannonballing into the infrastructure and controversial US history that inevitably thread us together. We’re sharing it in bite size treats so we can all understand it.


This is where you come in: a call to action for every person living in the US: Tell your story. Listen to others. Then collaborate and repeat until we have a more cohesive society.

We are creating more honest-to-goodness, down-to-earth goodwill in the countries we’ve visited than all the striped-pants diplomats put together.
— Wally Byam, Founder of Airstream, Inc.

Republican. Democrat. White. Black. Japanese. Chinese. Mixed Race. Obama. Trump. Immigrant. Native. Child. Adult. Night owl. Morning lark. Musician. CEO. Homeless. Rich. Old. Young. Man. Woman. Queer. Bisexual. Christian. Jew. Muslim. Sikh. Sufi. Farmer. City Dweller. Suburbanite.

You. Me. US.

This movement is for everyone.

A divided country is broken. A diverse country is unbreakable. We’re at a pivotal moment and we must decide, collectively, which of these definitions we will own for the USA. We hope you’ll join us on this mission to do just that: learn how to excel as one diverse country, built upon a foundation of similarities, of threads, that unite us.


Your touch points with reality are limited to what your experiences have been. If you’re not willing to open up to other experiences, you’re never going to evolve.

That all comes down to conversations. Without those conversations we’re living in a vacuum, but that’s not how to live. That’s how to exist.
— Niki Gruttadauria
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